Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Blackpool Gay Pride 2009

Our new "Sparkling Pride Flag" is now finished!
Some of our regular guests may remember our sparkling pride flag which hung from the front of the hotel.
That flag was made 3 years ago and has recently had a lot of damage from the elements!
Our new flag is slightly larger than the last and has approx 8000 hand sewn sequins!
It has taken over 3 months to complete and hopefuly will last another 3 years!
At the Wilcot Hotel we are proud to fly the Pride Flag all year round and not just for Blackpool Pride or Bank Holidays.


  1. I hope your flag isn't too gliterry as it will dazzle the drivers as they pass!!

  2. Hi guys just wanted to say thanks for a great weekend we really enjoyed it and will be back again soon and will trecomend the wilcot to everyone we know send me an invite to facebook at desmond david baker and i will get back to you again thanks again for everything lol.

  3. So glad you enjoyed your stay Des!
    Our orange lillies are still blooming!!
    Adrian and Terry

  4. Hi gents! Thankyou again for a great weekend it was nice to have good weather this time if you remember it just rained and rained at pride!! Something we forgot to ask you both, how come when we came at Pride in May all the hotels around you were flying the rainbow flag but now there's just you and one other? Are they not gay now pride has finished?
    (Love your new room by the way)
    Chris & Neil:) x

  5. Hi guys,
    Glad you enjoyed your stay again and the new shots!! lol.

    With this been an open blog I can't really comment about other (gay) hotels on here, so I'll have a chat with you next time your over!

    Say hi to the girls for us and we hope Claires mum feels better soon send her our love.
    See you soon

    Adrian x